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Media Corporation of China presents a gala concert in honor of the Lantern Festival

05.02.2023 Медиаресурс "Большая Азия" 53 просмотров

The gala concert of the Media Corporation of China on the occasion of the Lantern Festival 2023 will be broadcast today, February 5, at 20-00 (Beijing time) simultaneously on the TV channels of the Central Television of China (CCTV), radio stations and media platforms.

The Russian audience will be able to see the concert at 15-00 hours.

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The gala concert will be broadcast throughout the Celestial Empire on more than 500 public widescreen communication platforms of ultra-high definition 8K.

The show will traditionally feature songs, opera, rhythmic gymnastics, folk art and other bright performances. They will definitely show a number of traditional Chinese folklore crafts included in the list of the national intangible cultural heritage of China.

The audience will see a new national musical work called "Baifengchaoyang" (literally "Hundreds of phoenixes flying to the Sun"), emphasizing the purposefulness of the Chinese nation.

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"The musical style of this composition is basically a mixture of traditional zurna and rock music. In addition, a small addition of electronic elements in combination with singing makes the composition very positive, energetic and fun. The composition also contains very deep, classical and traditional musical elements, but at the same time it is modern," said singer Wu Tong.

The grandiose show will not be able to do without the use of advanced technologies, such as augmented reality (AR) and augmented reality (XR) technologies, stereo video and three-dimensional "color" sound. And each number of a carefully thought-out festive gala concert will create an atmosphere of happiness and well-being for the audience.

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FOR REFERENCE: The Lantern Festival (Yuanxiaojie, the 15th day of the first month of the lunar calendar) this year falls on February 5.

On this day, it is customary to light lanterns, solve riddles, admire the Moon and treat each other to "yuanxiao" - boiled balls of sticky rice flour with stuffing.

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