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Letter from the Russian Empress on vaccination to be sold at auction

17.11.2021 124 просмотров

letter from Empress Catherine II on the need for vaccination against smallpox will be put up for auction in London. 

The letter addressed to Count Peter Rumyantsev is the oldest known document about Russia's first vaccination campaign. The Empress wrote to the Count that “among other items of office <…> one of the most important should be the institution of vaccination.

As Turkmenportal reports with reference to, the ruler also noted the importance of mass vaccination, because without this "great harm is especially in the common people." 
< br> Simultaneously with the document, a portrait of Catherine II, made by the artist Dmitry Levitsky, will be exhibited. The items will be combined into a single lot, the initial cost of which is estimated at 0.8-1.2 million pounds. 

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