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The legendary film "Disco Dancer" celebrates its 40th anniversary

11.08.2022 Индийский культурно-национальный центр «Сита» 63 просмотров

In honor of the 40th anniversary of the film "Disco Dancer", the legendary Indian musical melodrama that conquered the world in 1982 will be shown in Moscow. The film is considered a classic of the genre and is best known for the songs "Goro ki na kalo ki", "I am a Disco Dancer" and "Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Aaja".

A special screening of the tape in Russian will be organized as part of the large-scale ethnic festival "India Day". You can watch the film in the summer cinema of the landscape park "Island of Dreams". The feed is scheduled to be viewed on August 11.

"The movie "Disco Dancer" is a Bollywood classic. There are classical dances with songs, and a dramatic love story, and insidious cruel villains, and a handsome hero who makes his way through thorns to the stars. The film, in fact, is notable not only for the fact that it has entered the world stage and has been seen by almost every adult viewer today, but also for the fact that the title theme music is still a hit," commented the CEO of the Indian Films film companyKaren Mirzoyan.

"All these years I have felt the love of viewers from Russia", - the performer of the main role – Anila admitsMithun Chakraborty.

The name of this Indian actor for many years made the hearts of lovers of Indian cinema beat faster. Army of fansMithuna Chakraborty has tens of millions of people around the world. Fans who grew up in the 80s and 90s of the twentieth century are still grateful to him for the action films and comedies that he gave to the audience for 20 years without a break. During his film career, Chakraborty starred in more than 370 films and got into the Guinness Book of Records as a performer of 269 main roles.

Before the festive screening of the legendary film in Moscow, the star of Indian cinema will address the Russian audience from the screen with a welcoming speech.

During the "India Day" festival, Bollywood films will be shown daily in the summer cinema of the Dream Island Park. So, on August 11 there will be an anniversary screening of the musical melodrama "Disco Dancer". On August 12, guests of the "India Day" will be able to watch the film "The Color of Saffron" about the English journalist Sue, who comes to India to make a documentary about Indian independence fighters during the English colonization. On August 13, the screening of the film "Sultan" about the Indian wrestling champion will take placeSultan Ali Khan, who dreams of representing India and winning the Olympic Games. On August 14, viewers will see the Indian romantic record-breaking film "The Unprotected Bride", which lasted at the box office for almost more than 25 years.

"Bollywood is a sacred word for lovers of Indian cinema and culture. Movies with songs and dances attract millions of viewers around the world. Every evening, the guests of the India Day Festival will have the opportunity to watch Bollywood films in an open-air cinema in the Dream Island landscape Park," said the founder of the India Day Festival, president of the Indian National Cultural Center SITASammy Kotwani.

Cinema screenings start at 21:30. Tickets for the screenings can be purchased on the website of the Island of Dreams Park.

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