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The Panghat collective will represent India at the festival of military orchestras in Moscow

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The musical group "Panghat" from India will take part in the "Spasskaya Tower" for the first time.

The artistic collective "Panghat" will perform for the first time at the international military music festival "Spasskaya Tower" in Moscow. This was reported to TASS on Thursday in the directorate of the festival.

"The Panghat music group from India will take part in the international military music festival Spasskaya Tower, which will be held in Moscow from August 26 to September 4," the organizers noted.

As the directorate recalled, India was previously represented at the festival by a Combined military orchestra of three types of the country's armed forces and The Orchestra of the Supreme Command of the Indian Armed Forces in 2017 and 2009, respectively. The Panghat team will become a member of the Spasskaya Tower for the first time.

"In their performances, dancers and musicians reflect the cultural heritage of India. Panghat has a rich repertoire, which includes folk and ritual dances from different states and cities of the country," the organizers said.

The collective "Panghat", whose name translates from Hindi as "river bank", was formed in 2001. It consists of dance, vocal and instrumental groups. During the existence of the ensemble, its members have presented their work in the USA, Poland, Indonesia, Bhutan, Spain, Germany, Great Britain, Turkey and other countries.

TASS is the official information partner of the Spasskaya Tower Festival, which will be held on Red Square in Moscow.

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