Opening Asia for Russia

Israel revives international tourism

17.06.2020 45 просмотров

They hope to see guests from Russia already in August.

The head of the Israeli government, Benjamin Netanyahu, for the first time, announced a possible date for the opening of borders for foreign citizens. Presumably, the first plane with tourists will arrive on August 1.

The Israeli Prime Minister noted that this would be possible if the coronavirus epidemic is under control. He also added that the first priority will be the resumption of flights and the restoration of tourism in the Israeli-Greek and Israeli-Cypriot directions. 

“Domestic tourism in Israel has been open for several weeks. Israelis enjoy sunny weather and beautiful beaches on all of our four seas. The opening of the borders between Greece and Israel will be the starting point, a long-awaited event for all tourists who dream of visiting Israel. We are closely monitoring the epidemiological situation in Russia and hope that the situation will allow us to resume air traffic between our countries as early as August,” commented Vladimir Shklyar, Director of the Department of the Ministry of Tourism of Israel in the Russian Federation and the CIS, Advisor to the Embassy of the State of Israel in the Russian Federation.

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