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Israel designates 'green tourism islands'

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The Israeli tourism industry is fine-tuning the mechanisms of work during a pandemic. What requirements do you need to know to enter and stay on the "green islands of tourism"?

The resort town of Eilat and the Dead Sea region have received the status of "green tourism islands". Preliminary entry there will be possible for Israeli tourists, subject to a negative test for coronavirus, made 72 hours before entering the holiday regions


“The designation of the Green Islands is a significant step for the tens of thousands of people who make their living in the tourism industry, as well as an important stage for the economy and well-being of the city of Eilat and the Dead Sea region,” said the Minister of Tourism Israel Orit Farkas-Hakoen. - We are waiting for a difficult preparation and debugging of the new system of the industry. The reward will be to bring an entire industry back to life.”


The Israeli Ministry of Tourism answers the most pressing questions about the possibility of staying on the "tourism islands".


When are hotels expected to open for Israeli tourists? What will the control system look like?


A day after the Cabinet of Ministers for Combating Coronavirus issues a declaration on a special tourist zone. So far, no such announcement has been made, but it is expected next week. One of the conditions for the approval of the decision is the availability of laboratories at the entrance. They are currently in the process of being created.


Two control systems will be created:

  1. For the general public;
  1. For residents and workers of the "islands" who need to travel around the country for medical, judicial and other personal purposes (Will be eligible for a free accelerated examination).

What analysis should be done and what is the validity period of its results?


Hotel guests are required to have the results of a standard (not express) PCR test done 72 hours before arrival at the Dead Sea and Eilat. It should be emphasized that only residents and employees of the districts, as well as those who fall under the exceptions established by law, can take a rapid test upon entry.


Where will the labs be located for the rapid test?


In the Dead Sea region, a checkpoint will be located at the entrance to the hotel area. Three laboratories will be installed in Eilat: next to the Neot Smadar restaurant, in Kibbutz Yotvata and at Ramon Airport.


How long are test results valid?


For residents and employees of the regions, the results are valid for 7 days. For hotel guests - within 72 hours from the date of the test.


Where else do you need to present the test result?


In addition to providing test results when entering tourist areas, hotel guests will be required to show test results at the front desk upon check-in at the hotel. Hotels are prohibited from accepting guests without documents confirming a negative test.


Will children also be required to take tests in order to get to the "islands of tourism"?


Children of a certain age living in the regions of Eilat and the Dead Sea, as well as those children who fall under an exception to the rules, will not be able to take the test. The age of children exempted from the tests will be known later.


Children who enter for tourism purposes will be required to provide a negative test, regardless of age.


Can people who have recovered from the coronavirus arrive in these areas?


Those who have a recovery document will be able to enter these regions after presenting it at checkpoints and hotels. Currently, the validity of the document is not limited, but the Ministry of Health may impose a restriction at any time .


How many hotels will be open for guests?


About 70% of hotel rooms (about 2800 rooms) will be opened on the Dead Sea. In Eilat, most hotels are expected to open by the end of the week, with the remainder due next week.


Will hostels open?


Hostels with shared bathrooms and showers (used for more than one room) will remain closed for the time being.


Will the hotel restaurants and pools be open?


24 hours after the Cabinet makes its announcement, hotels will be allowed to open restaurants and swimming pools for hotel guests only.

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