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Israel celebrates Yom Kippur

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It seems that a strict lockdown has been introduced here due to the COVID-19 pandemic. But this is Israel, where the normally traffic-filled highways and streets become completely deserted at this time. The country celebrated the holy holiday of Yom Kippur. 

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For two days, all enterprises completely stopped their work, air and railway communications were closed, and most local residents chose not to drive. According to traditions, during the 25 hours that the holiday lasts, believers are forbidden to eat, drink, wash, wear leather shoes and perform any work. Jews are also commanded to renounce all material and physical pleasures.

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Yom Kippur – it is a day of redemption and forgiveness. Believers dress in simple white clothes and spend time praying, asking the Almighty for the forgiveness of their sins. On the eve of the holiday, the Israelis usually perform several rituals, which should also help atone for sins. So, some raise chickens over their heads, and some come to the sea or other sources of water.

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“We come here every year at this time,” said Israeli Aron Maayan . - The custom is that we throw our sins into the sea. This is a symbolic act. This is how we show the Lord that we are getting better.”

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The coronavirus pandemic has made its adjustments to the celebration of the holy day. It is believed that on Yom Kippur all Jews should pray in the synagogue, not at home. But due to anti-covid restrictions, no more than 50 people can be in the temple at the same time and they must wear masks. If there are more believers, then everyone should have a negative PCR test or a coronavirus vaccine.

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