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The Iranian film won the main prize of the Moscow International Film Festival

03.09.2022 ТАСС 113 просмотров

The Iranian film "Without prior Agreement" received the main prize of the 44th MIFF.

The picture of the Iranian director Behrouz Shoaibi "Without prior agreement", touching on the topic of connection with roots and immigration, received the main prize of the Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF) — "Golden St. George", reports correspondent TASS.

"Professionalism and courage won, as always, so the main prize for the best film "Without prior Agreement", directed by Behrouz Shoaibi, Iran," announced the chairman of the MIFF jury, actor Yevgeny Mironov at the closing ceremony of the festival.

Before the announcement of the winner of the prize, Yevgeny Mironov asked for a minute of silence in memory of the first and only President of the USSR Mikhail Gorbachev, who died on August 30 at the age of 92. "He was very fond of creative people, loved to communicate with them. I know this firsthand," Yevgeny Mironov said. — He himself was a creative person, very open, with a big heart, modest, on the other hand. Sometimes very trusting of people, sometimes indecisive. And he was never afraid to talk about his mistakes."

The winning film The painting "Without prior arrangement" tells about a woman named Yasmin, who immigrated to Germany as a child.

Many years later, she returns with her own son to her homeland in Iran after the death of her father, where she discovers that he left her all the inheritance. Involuntarily, Yasmin begins to get to know her hometown in a new way, meet friends and think about the essence of human life.

Earlier on Friday, the film won the prize of the Federation of Film Clubs of Russia. In an interview with the correspondent of TASS Behruz Shoaibi said that he was pleased with the attention to his painting at the MIFF. "For me it is really very important, very pleasant, but the most important thing is the Russian audience and the Russian audience. I am insanely pleased that they are watching my film. I am very glad that my film was chosen to participate in the Moscow Film Festival."

The MIFF in 2022 opened on August 26 and ended on Friday. The main competition program included 13 films from different countries. TASS is the information partner of the film festival.

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