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India expects charter flights from abroad next month

16.10.2021 34 просмотров

Charter flights with foreign tourists are likely to start arriving en masse in India, including the state of Goa, from the beginning of November. This was reported to a TASS correspondent on Friday by a representative of the Goa Travel and Tourism Association, commenting on the decision of the government of the country to issue tourist visas to passengers of charter flights from October 15.

“For the time being, we expect massive charter flights to begin arriving in India and to us in Goa in early November,” the agency’s source said on condition of anonymity. At the same time, he noted that this information is as of the end of this week, and next week it may change.

The tour operator added that industry workers welcome the decision of the authorities to resume the issuance of tourist visas. “This is a very timely decision. The tourism industry in India is waiting for foreign visitors. We hope that the beginning [tourist] season will finally be good,” he added. 

The tourist season in India opens in October and continues until April.

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