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In Thailand, plush pandas sit at the table with people

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In Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, cafes and restaurants have finally received permission from the authorities to open the doors of trading floors for guests.

At Maison Saigon Vietnamese diner, owner Nattwut Rodchanapantul decided to help guests maintain social distancing rules by placing plush pandas in front of each customer.

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where to sit," says visitor Siriporn Asawakarint. "People get embarrassed and end up sitting too close to each other"…

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table only diagonally. From the owner's point of view, his idea also helps people fight loneliness after being literally under house arrest for about 2 months.

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"I like to eat in the company of a teddy bear - it makes me feel less lonely," guest Savip Chaiphoek approved the idea of the restaurant owner.

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Following Vietnam, Thailand also informed the World Health Organization about the absence of new cases of infection in the national territory. However, the local government is urging people to remain vigilant - wear masks and gloves, and stay away from each other unless absolutely necessary.

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