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In Japan, mannequins sit at tables with customers.

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In Japan, the owners of bars and restaurants are massively using a new way to fill the halls with the help of mannequins.

According to restaurateurs, this allows creating the effect of a normal presence of customers, without empty seats and isolation of people at a distance of at least one and a half meters from each other.

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pretty cute!" - Mariko Tatebayashi, a visitor to the restaurant, expressed admiration.

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Her friend Rikuo Kayaki is of the same opinion: "We came as two, so if we just sat at a table without a mannequin, that would also be fine. But ultimately, there is an epidemic outside, so we have no choice - the owner decided to do this, so he is right."

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Located in the heart of Tokyo, in the cultural and business district of Chuo in the Ginza district, a bar popular with middle-class employees has done its best to attract clients after he resumed receiving guests in the hall. So, waitresses not only serve drinks and food, but also dance, which seems to be enjoyed by visitors.

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"The staff told me that employees just love to dance. Therefore, I don't see any sexual connotations like striptease here ," said Yu Nakamura, who introduced herself as a "business woman", "It is noticeable that they are equally happy to welcome all visitors of any gender."

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The mannequins are dressed in sportswear similar to the uniforms of the girls who dance around the edges during matches football field in support of a particular team. The owner of the establishment admits that chairs crossed out with a red stripe or stickers that say "Do not sit down" look somehow gloomy. 

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People are trying to get used to a difficult and unusual situation for them. Psychologists call this technique an attempt at collective stress relief.

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