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In Japan, due to the coronavirus, geisha are forced to communicate with customers at a distance of two meters

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In Japan, in the center of old Tokyo, in the Minato district, there is the Akasaka quarter, which, translated from the language of the Land of the Rising Sun, means “red slope quarter”.

This is where the world-famous geisha live. Contrary to popular belief, the profession of a geisha does not involve love pleasures - rather, we are talking about women who are a model of refined manners, exquisite charm associated with the game of the mind, brilliant command of the language, the ability to tell interesting stories, play the shamisen, a local musical instrument, and distract guests from everyday worries, taking them to the ideal world of beauty. 

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Unfortunately, the coronavirus epidemic has also affected the artistic sphere - including a rare and noble type of occupation to which geisha devote themselves entirely. 

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"If we have a job, if we can perform, then we geisha are always ready to work hard," says the representative The owner of this ancient profession named Ikuko, she is 80 years old. - But without orders, without invitations to parties, you feel like in hell - nothing can be worse! We used to entertain our guests and happily chat with them. But I have never had such a hard job as now: now I have to somehow cheer up a person and talk to him from a distance of 2 meters"…

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"I just can't think of anything else think, in addition, how to work now and what will happen next"… - a 48-year-old geisha named Mayu is worried.

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The subtle art of creating an image and maintaining centuries-old traditions is gradually fading. one hundred priestesses of the beautiful. And now there are no more than twenty of them. The situation is no better in Kyoto, whose inhabitants the Japanese have always considered the guardians of historical traditions.

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However, geisha never give up. They are sure that, like the dancers of the ancient dances of kyou no shiki, kitano odori and others, they will always find true connoisseurs of their art, which requires many years of apprenticeship.

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