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In Indonesia and Malaysia, residents began to use unusual masks

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In Malaysia and Indonesia, the cheerful nature of the people of the country is reflected even in such a business as the production of medical equipment to protect against coronavirus.

Nicholas Sugandi was the first businessman in the capital Jakarta (Indonesia) to come up with an unusual design for a protective bandage on his face. Now in these countries, masks that repeat the facial features of the owner have become fashionable.

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"You know, at first we were critical of the idea of producing reusable masks with a customer's face print," said Nicholas Septian Sugandi, owner of Yuragan mask shop ", Indonesia. - Well, when we did start production, suddenly there was a serious demand for such a product, which, in particular, allowed us to compensate for losses from downtime during the pandemic."

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"When people see our smiling and laughing faces, at first they do not understand that these are masks and the question is in their eyes: “Why are they in such a joyful mood?” But the most important thing is that now, thanks to such masks, we still do not look like patients in isolation. Although, frankly, it would be best, from the point of view of effectiveness, to wear surgical masks that give full protection, "shared her opinion of customer Heni Kushmiyati. 

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"It seemed to me that the mask is a good way to express yourself. And I decided to create art masks from Batik fabric. The design of my patterns corresponds to the style of the island of Sarawak. In addition, I make masks unusual configuration, as I always provide a pocket for the filter, since the mask is reusable - it can be washed," said Hafiz Drahman, fashion designer, Malaysia.

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Noah mask takes about half an hour. Its market value is 50 thousand Indonesian rupiah, that is, 3 dollars. Manufacturers have already received hundreds of bulk orders.

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