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In India, the social status of a person is determined by his mask.

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In India, medical masks embroidered with diamonds and gold thread have come into fashion.

With the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, a new fashion for wealthy people appeared in the country: a medical mask that suddenly became indispensable turned into an object that confirms the high social status of its owner with its appearance. In the western Indian state of Gujarat, in the city of Surat, many jewelry stores have begun selling items that are more like jewelry than protective medical equipment.

"In the near future, the request for masks will continue," Deepak Choksi, the owner of a jewelry store, expressed confidence. "A mask sewn using gold thread and semi-precious stones will cost the buyer approximately $2,000; a mask made with real diamonds in addition to gold costs more than $5,000."

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"You know, I suddenly looked at a mask with diamonds and realized that I was attracted to it much more than other jewelry," said a customer named Devanshi. - I liked it, and then it suits my overall look very well. So I bought it because I want to use unique things." 

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Surat is considered one of the world's centers of jewelry production. It is here that the vast majority of diamonds are polished and cut, which then turn out to be on international diamond exchanges controlled by the planetary corporation De Beers.

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