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In China, newlyweds began to invite guests to online weddings

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In China, a young couple - Ma Jialun and Zhang Yitong - decided to get married back in October 2019, but the coronavirus epidemic interfered imperiously with their plans.

The bride and groom realized that the wedding had been postponed indefinitely when, unexpectedly, they received an offer from a streaming television company to hold a traditional Chinese ceremony in national costumes to be shown on the Internet to everyone.

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"Due to the epidemic, most of our plans was violated. Because I live in Beijing, and she lives in Hangzhou," said the newlywed Ma Jialun. "We used to meet infrequently - only on weekends. And after the start of the pandemic, we didn’t see each other for 3 months and didn’t know "when else will we get the chance. At the end of March, Beijing imposed strict restrictions on movement between different regions of the country. But thanks to this initiative - organizing a wedding online - we can now share our happiness even with people we don't know."

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The young people agreed without a moment's hesitation . As a result, more than five hundred thousand people were virtually present at their wedding. Naturally, this number included all relatives and friends who enthusiastically accepted the costume celebration.

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Marriage show host and streaming company producer Zhou Yun believes that COVID-19 has changed our lifestyle forever. Now online lessons and online broadcasts, online procedures and even shopping online will become a familiar part of our lives. All that's left is to start getting married online, saving on restaurant and other overhead costs. 

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