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Despite the coronavirus, Israel celebrates Purim cheerfully

11.03.2020 103 просмотров

In Israel, despite the widespread measures taken by the authorities to organize quarantine, citizens decided not to abandon the public celebration of one of the most peculiar and colorful holidays of the Jewish religious calendar - Purim.

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> "I dressed like a nurse because I know that the coronavirus is walking around the planet, which has already infected so many people," says Chaim Ohayon, a student at a higher religious school. "I just wanted to show that there is no need to be so afraid - you need to believe help each other, and together we will defeat the disease!"

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On this day off, celebrated by all Jews in memory of the liberation from the Babylonian captivity in ancient times, relatives and friends gather in a family circle to read passages from the Torah , Decateuch of the Old Testament, as well as for a common meal. According to tradition, people also arrange mass celebrations, costumed processions and dances in the streets. For children, Purim is an opportunity to have fun at an incendiary carnival. 

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The current epidemiological situation nevertheless left its mark on the holiday: for example, there were very few visitors in the Luna Park beloved by schoolchildren in Tel Aviv. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has urged Israelis to be vigilant and cautious as doctors have registered at least 50 coronavirus cases.

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