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Demand for travel packages skyrockets in Republic of Korea

06.07.2021 53 просмотров

South Korean authorities have allowed vaccinated residents to travel abroad.

In the travel agencies of the Republic of Korea - a stir. The authorities have allowed anyone who has been vaccinated against the coronavirus to travel abroad on vacation. Today, there are already about 30% of such people in the country. So far, only a few destinations are open, including the islands of Guam and Saipan, as well as Switzerland and Hawaii. 

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“In the context of the epidemic, tips and additional options are excluded from our tours. Instead, measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus have been stepped up. We have chosen the best hotels for tourists, and the strictest disinfection measures have been taken in catering places,” said Jo Jae Kwang, product manager of a travel agency.

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and inbound tourism. The government of the Republic of Korea is discussing the launch of a bilateral tourism channel without quarantine with Singapore and Taiwan. Fully vaccinated citizens will be able to enter South Korea in tourist groups. At the same time, special measures will be introduced: travel agencies must constantly measure the body temperature of tourists, as well as develop such travel routes in which foreigners and local tourists will not intersect.

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