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Cambodia is waiting for guests with a "fat wallet"

18.06.2020 44 просмотров

Due to the global coronavirus pandemic, the country has developed new rules for foreign tourists.

Those wishing to spend their holidays in Cambodia this summer will need to put at least $3,000 in their wallet - a fortune for a tourist in Southeast Asia, warns

The country's authorities have required foreigners to make a deposit at a local bank upon entry: foreign visitors must show that they can bear any potential medical or quarantine expenses on their own. 

Travelers are also required to have medical insurance for more than $50,000 and a certificate that they are not infected with coronavirus, issued 72 hours before entering the country. 

The source warns that the authorities may require additional testing, which will cost $100 USA, then pay for temporary accommodation, meals and additional transportation costs. This amount (another $100 or so) will be deducted from the bank deposit.

Travelers will then self-isolate at their hotel for two weeks, reporting daily to medical officers. On the 13th day of isolation, they will have to be tested again. Interestingly, if at least one passenger of an arriving flight is found to have a dangerous virus, then all those arriving on the same airliner will have to go into temporary quarantine.

The corresponding amount will also be withdrawn from everyone's bank deposit. Those who are sick will have to pay all related expenses.

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