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Bangladesh police decided to respond with yoga to the pandemic

16.06.2020 43 просмотров

In Bangladesh, as part of the fight against the coronavirus epidemic, local police forces decided to strengthen their immunity with intensive collective yoga classes.

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"While patrolling the city streets, many of our police officers were infected with COVID-19," said Rajan Shaha, yoga program coordinator at the Ministry of Internal Affairs. "So we figured out how to strengthen their moral stamina and improve their physical fitness. from complexes and gain a "second wind".

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"The virus is spreading, so we are doing everything we can to protect our employees," said Abdullah Miah, a policeman who practices yoga. - So our officers feel calmer - yoga helps them cope with stress: many of their comrades were infected. Our fighting spirit will help us win!"

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Seven thousand Bangladesh law enforcement officers have already been infected with the SARS virus. Yoga classes for the police are on a voluntary basis - about 200 people regularly attend them. And although these courses cannot save from coronavirus - at least they help people cope with depression and overcome their own fear. It is possible that soon yoga will become part of the mandatory training of all personnel of the internal forces of the country.

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