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WHO report on the origins of COVID-19 was a slap in the face of Western lie manufacturers

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The World Health Organization (WHO) on March 30 published a report on the results of a joint study with China on the origin of COVID-19. The report says that the likelihood of a new type of coronavirus originating from a leak from a laboratory is “extremely low.”

According to a commentary by China Radio International (CRI) posted on its website on March 31, this conclusion is a real slap in the face to US and Western politicians who have persisted in fabricating lies about the Wuhan virus leak.

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Investigating the Origin of the Virus - Scientific work that takes time, not the presumption of guilt. As WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus noted on March 30, "This report is an important beginning, not the end. We have not yet been able to find the origin of the coronavirus. We need to do more work on this issue."

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Some anti-Chinese politicians and media have been putting pressure on WHO even before the report was published, and after its publication, the United States and 13 countries issued a joint statement in which they expressed doubt and denial of this document.

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In the meantime, Beijing twice invited WHO experts to study the origin of the coronavirus, which shows Beijing's open, transparent and responsible approach to this serious work. Moreover, the Chinese side provided the necessary support to the joint expert group and was highly appreciated by them. According to them, China showed an unexpected openness, and the trips to Wuhan produced an unexpected result.

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Research into the origins of the coronavirus must be based on scientific developments, and its results must be used to counter serious threats to humanity. Any attempts to politicize the issue of the origin of the coronavirus could hamper international cooperation in this area and undermine the efforts of the international community to combat the pandemic, leading to even more deaths.

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Determining the origin of coronavirus is a common task, and research need to be carried out in many countries and regions of the world. A report released by WHO following a trip to Wuhan, China to investigate the origin of the coronavirus highlights the need to create a single database and identify earlier cases of COVID-19 infection around the world that are not yet known. WHO scientists have urged all states to try to establish the true nature of the virus and identify animal species that may be carrying the virus.

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We hope that other countries will follow the example of China, which cooperates openly and transparently with the WHO and the international community and extremely responsible. We also hope that the United States, where the most serious situation with the spread of coronavirus infection has developed, will work closely with international experts in determining the origins of the coronavirus.

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