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Vietnam may resume flights to some countries

10.11.2021 38 просмотров

The Ministry of Transport of Vietnam has addressed the government of the republic with a proposal to resume regular flights from January 2022 with a number of countries where high levels of vaccination against COVID-19 have been achieved. This was reported on Tuesday by the Vietnamese news portal V-N Express.

According to the plan sent by the Ministry of Transport for approval to the Cabinet of Ministers, flights connecting Vietnam with Australia, Great Britain, Germany, Cambodia, China, Laos, Malaysia, Russia, Singapore, Thailand, France, South Korea and Japan will resume at the first stage. All passengers arriving from these countries and regions will be required to have a COVID-19 vaccination certificate or a medical certificate issued no earlier than six months before the date of flight.

Fully vaccinated and recovered patients will be required to undergo a mandatory seven-day quarantine after arrival, and unvaccinated - 14-day quarantine. At the second stage, starting from April 2022, quarantine will be lifted for fully vaccinated and recovering from covid, and from the third quarter of next year, air traffic will be fully restored to the normal mode that existed before the pandemic.

Since March last year, the borders of Vietnam due to the pandemic remain closed to most foreign citizens. Now only foreigners with diplomatic and service passports, as well as representatives of certain priority categories, can enter the republic. They include investors, experts, business managers and high-tech specialists, as well as their families.

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