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Vietnam discovers new coronavirus mutant

30.05.2021 36 просмотров

Viruses began to produce hybrids.

The Vietnamese authorities announced the discovery of a new hybrid of the causative agent of a dangerous disease. We are talking about a mutant of two basic viral cultures - Indian and British. & nbsp;

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Huu Tri, evening newscaster, Hanoi:

"A new hybrid strain of SARS CoV-2 has been discovered in Vietnam. The information came from a representative of the Ministry of Health during an online conference on control methods with the coronavirus, which took place this morning."

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Vietnamese scientists have said they will immediately transfer the genome of the new aggressor to their foreign colleagues. According to the World Health Organization, in 2021, the world officially confirmed the existence of 4 main varieties of the underlying coronavirus infection. These are British, Indian, Brazilian and South African strains.

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Vietnam has successfully fought against the penetration of the coronavirus into the country. However, it was not possible to completely protect the population from the new scourge of mankind. Cases of mass infection began in April this year. At the end of May, the total number of infected people was about 7 thousand people. 47 of them died.

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