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Vietnam continues to fight pandemic outbreak

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The country is divided into quarantine zones.

In the north of Vietnam, in the industrial province of Bac Giang, on May 31, 9 factories were reopened, which temporarily stopped their work due to the worsening epidemiological situation in the country. It also became known that the municipal authorities in the southern city of Ho Chi Minh City have taken stricter measures to maintain social distance in order to curb the spread of infection in dense urban areas.

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Bac Giang is located 60 kilometers north of Hanoi. It was here that in April the Vietnamese sanitary inspection tracked an unexpected outbreak of SARS CoV-2, which led to the introduction of a quarantine regime in the country, which at the end of May of this year was minimally affected by the new scourge of humanity.

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The regime of limited movement and the transfer of employees to work from home was introduced in the south for 2 weeks. The high security regime has led to the appearance of police checkpoints on the road. Also in Ho Chi Minh City, students left the classrooms of the local university, which was equipped with a temporary infectious diseases hospital for 6,000 beds.

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