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Two shipments of COVID-19 vaccines purchased from China delivered to Pakistan

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The handover ceremony for two batches of Chinese COVID-19 vaccines purchased by the Pakistani government took place on March 31 at Noor Khan Air Base near Islamabad.

The first batch of China's CanSino's COVID-19 vaccine and the first commercially purchased Sinopharm's anti-coronavirus drug arrived in Pakistan on March 30 and 31, respectively. Faisal Sultan, Assistant to the Prime Minister for Health Affairs of Pakistan, and Minister Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in PakistanPang Chunxue took part in the handover ceremony.

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Speaking, Faisal Sultan b> noted that these drugs will greatly support Pakistan's vaccination campaign. Islamabad is confident in the efficacy and safety of the Sinopharm and CanSino vaccines and plans to purchase more from China.

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"All of these vaccines are based on very robust clinical trial data. And so we are confident that their current actual use is will protect the citizens of Pakistan, as it happens in other countries. So I think these are good vaccines," says the Assistant Prime Minister of Pakistan.

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China has donated three batches of Sinopharm vaccine to Pakistan so far. In early February, Pakistan launched a nationwide COVID-19 vaccination program.

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