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The Republic of Korea will create a roadmap in the context of a pandemic

14.10.2021 208 просмотров

The Government of the Republic of Korea plans to develop a roadmap to gradually return social and economic activity to its previous course. At the same time, the authorities will continue to control the situation with the coronavirus pandemic. 

On Wednesday, the government formed a panel of experts to discuss the details of the map. Seoul plans to publish this "living with COVID-19" chart this month.

The commission is expected to review the current measures to combat the virus and consider whether vaccination passports should be introduced. Participants in the development will also take into account the experience of other countries, including the UK and Israel.

Since July, the daily rate of new infections in South Korea exceeds 1,000. However, the number of deaths and the number of seriously ill patients are declining as efforts to conduct vaccination. As of Tuesday, more than 60% of the country's residents were fully vaccinated.

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