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The main part of the population of the Philippines will begin to be vaccinated against covid

29.09.2021 34 просмотров

The Philippine authorities plan to start vaccinating against the coronavirus the main part of the country's population, as well as children, in October. This was announced on Tuesday during a briefing by the press secretary of the President of the Republic, Harry Roque.

According to him, Philippine leader Rodrigo Duterte approved the vaccination of the main part of the population of the country on the recommendation of the official representative of the state task force to combat coronavirus in the republic Carlito Gálvez. "We will start vaccinating the main part of the population in October," saidRoque, without specifying a specific date.

Currently, the immunization program covers five priority groups, including medical personnel, the elderly , workers in essential services, the poor, and people with various diseases that pose health risks. The spokesman stressed that they will continue to have priority at vaccination sites.

The authorities have advised parents to put their children on the list for upcoming immunizations. "We will also start vaccinating our young people," Roque continued. "We expect vaccination to start also in October." He assured that the government has a sufficient supply of doses of the vaccine, while not specifying which drug the authorities intend to use to immunize children, as well as their age group.

As of September 27, more than 44.3 million were used in the Philippines doses of vaccines against coronavirus from different manufacturers. 20.5 million people were fully immunized, and 23.7 million people received one dose of the drug. The government of the country expects to vaccinate 77.1 million people by the end of the year.

January 30, 2020 in the Philippines, whose population exceeds 109 million people, the first case of coronavirus infection was detected. To date, the total number of infected people in the republic has exceeded 2.5 million, more than 2.31 million people have recovered, 37.9 thousand patients have died.

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