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The expert called an adverse reaction to the anti-covid Chinese vaccine

09.01.2021 51 просмотров

The COVID-19 vaccination program in China is proceeding as normal, without any major deviations from the norm, since most cases of adverse reactions to vaccine vaccination are general. 

This was announced on January 9 by Wang Huaqing, chief expert of the immunization program of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, at a press conference in Beijing.

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China has started large-scale vaccination after the NMPA ) granted conditional market approval for the COVID-19 vaccine produced by China State Biotechnical Group (CNBG) under license from pharmaceutical company Sinopharm.

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, 80% of which are typical adverse reactions. Only 6 out of 100 thousand are abnormal adverse reactions. Most of them (abnormal reactions) are allergic rashes, there are also other adverse reactions such as angioedema,” said Wang Huaqing.

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According to him, the risk the occurrence of serious adverse reactions is only one in a million.

“When comparing current rates with historical data, there are no abnormalities. That is, the current situation is not particularly different from the statistics of the occurrence of serious and common adverse reactions in the past and is relatively stable, there are no deviations from the norm,” the expert noted.

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