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The authorities of Uzbekistan called the reasons for the improvement of the coronavirus situation in the country

30.09.2021 134 просмотров

The improvement of the epidemiological situation in Uzbekistan is associated with the formation of immunity from coronavirus in a certain part of the population. Nurmat Atabekov, a member of the headquarters for combating COVID-19, announced this at a briefing at the Agency for Information and Mass Communications on Wednesday.

Over the past 10 days, the number of detected cases of coronavirus was no more than 600, and on September 26-27 it dropped to just over 400.

According to Nurmat Atabekov, a certain proportion of the population has already been ill with coronavirus, and partially or fully vaccinated against COVID-19, thanks to which the inhabitants developed immunity.

“So, during the last outbreak of the disease, the coronavirus was able to infect a part of the population with weak immunity. A further rise in cases could come at the expense of [another] part of the population that will have reduced or no immunity over time. Until we form herd immunity of 70% of the population, it will be difficult for us to stabilize the situation,” Atabekov noted.

According to, in July the government of Uzbekistan planned to vaccinate against coronavirus 70% of the population before November 1. As of September 28, more than 20 million doses of vaccines have been used in the country. More than 11.19 million people received the first dose, 6.49 million received the second, and 2.52 million received the third. children over 12 years of age may be vaccinated against coronavirus with Pfizer with the consent of their parents or guardians.

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