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State of emergency in Japan contributes to the improvement of the situation with covid

25.09.2021 102 просмотров

Japanese Health Minister Tamura Norihisa said that the epidemiological situation is improving in most prefectures where the state of emergency is in effect.

Tamura has indicated that a decision on whether to extend the state of emergency beyond the end of September will be made when Prime Minister Suga Yoshihide returns from a trip to the United States.

Also Tamura noted that the number of new cases of infection with coronavirus is undoubtedly significantly reduced. The Minister suggested that if this trend continues, then for most areas with a state of emergency, which expires next Thursday, the existing restrictions will not be extended. 

In addition, Tamura answered the question whether less stringent anti-virus measures would be introduced if the state of emergency was canceled in these areas. According to him, an individual decision will be made for each prefecture, taking into account such factors as, for example, the occupancy of hospital beds, as well as after consultation with local authorities.

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