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Started a new phase of testing the second Iranian vaccine

06.09.2021 91 просмотров

Iranian authorities have begun the third phase of testing the second Iranian coronavirus vaccine Razi Cov Pars. This was reported on Sunday by the Press TV channel.

It is noted that the third stage will be held in the provinces of Tehran and Alborz, about 40 thousand volunteers will take part in it. At the same time, it is assumed that by the end of the year, Iranian pharmaceutical companies will be able to produce about 15-20 million doses of the new vaccine.

The Razi Cov Pars drug includes three doses of the vaccine, two of which are injectable and one intranasal.< br>
On February 9, Iran began free voluntary vaccination of the population against coronavirus using the Russian drug Sputnik V. In addition, drugs from the Chinese company Sinopharm, the Indian company Bharat Biotech, the British-Swedish AstraZeneca & nbsp; and the Iranian development of COV Iran Barakat are used. So far, 29,152,527 people have been vaccinated in Iran, of which 19,467,858 received one dose of the coronavirus vaccine, and 9,684,669 received two doses.

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