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Six neighborhoods in Beijing closed due to coronavirus

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Six neighborhoods in Beijing's Daxing District have been placed under special treatment to contain the spread of COVID-19.

On January 21, Beijing reported three new confirmed cases of locally infected COVID-19: one asymptomatic case infected locally and two new confirmed cases imported from abroad, the city health committee said on Friday.

According to the agency, all new confirmed cases of local infection have been identified in the Ronghui District of Daxing City.

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In order to bring the recent COVID-19 outbreak under control, Daxing District posted an announcement on Thursday evening demanding six neighborhoods around Ronghui to switch to a partial lockdown.

“We require people who work in areas necessary for the functioning of the city, including those who work at the forefront of the fight against the epidemic, to present certificates from the place work, nucleic acid test results that were received within three days. After being checked by the Neighborhood Committee of the Neighborhoods, they are allowed to enter and exit the Neighborhood,” said the representative of the Neighborhood Shao Quan.

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Movement of pedestrians and vehicles in restricted areas is allowed only upon presentation of the relevant documents.

time, Daxing District has basically completed the first round of mass nucleic acid testing. We urge all residents of Daxing District to actively cooperate with the government and adhere to the prevention and control measures in place, reduce crowding, and implement individual protection measures,” said Han Xinxing, Deputy Director of Daxing District.

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< br> According to the announcement of the COVID-19 prevention and control working groups of these areas, everyone living or working in the Dongcheng and Xicheng urban areas should be tested for nucleic acid.

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