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Service "Social Monitoring" became the bronze medalist of the Edison Prize

26.04.2021 83 просмотров

The Moscow service "Social Monitoring" was recognized as the bronze medalist of the Edison Awards, a prestigious award dedicated to new technologies. 

The capital service became the third in the Accessibility and Transparency subcategory. The first place was taken by the information project of the USAFacts website, dedicated to detailed statistics on the spread of coronavirus infection in the United States. In second place was a development from Saudi Arabia.

The Edison Awards recognize and recognize the most innovative new products and their creators and are tacitly considered the "Oscars" for innovative inventions. Over the years, Elon Max with Tesla, Steve Jobs with Apple developments, Clayton Christensen with Harvard Business School have been nominated for the award.

The Social Monitoring service has been used in Moscow since April 2020 to combat the spread coronavirus infection. It allows citizens with a mild course of the disease to receive medical care at home, informing the city about conscientious observance of the isolation regime. More than 600,000 users registered with the service over the year.

“The project became revolutionary for Moscow: it was implemented in a short time on the basis of the city’s existing IT infrastructure and made it possible to quickly respond to a new threat caused by the rapid spread of dangerous virus. The use of Social Monitoring and other technical means for more than a year has been helping the capital to contain the spread of COVID-19 and control the burden on the healthcare system, as well as protect the most important thing - the lives of citizens. The high appraisal of the international professional community emphasizes the importance and relevance of such decisions not only for Moscow, but also for other megacities,” the press service of the Moscow Department of Information Technologies said.

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