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School buses in India are being converted into oxygen distribution centers

07.05.2021 45 просмотров

Indians are using every means at their disposal to fight the coronavirus.

Volunteer organizations in the city of Chennai (Tamil Nadu) took an unusual initiative: they decided to deliver oxygen to those suffering from coronavirus. For this, school buses were converted.

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"Now everyone schools are closed. So we went to the school committees and with their consent, we started using school buses. We installed 6 oxygen bottles in each salon. And an additional 2 large bottles. So each bus can take 6 patients at a time. Speech "We are talking about patients who are not being treated in an inpatient setting, but on an outpatient basis. This will allow them to make it to hospitalization."

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According to the World Health Organization, in the first days of May, more than half of the cases during the day COVID-19 were detected in India, which also accounted for about a quarter of the daily deaths from the new virus. In total, the total number of infected in this country amounted to about one million six hundred thousand people in the last month of spring.

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