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Russians are tired of SARS CoV-2, but are ready to continue to comply with sanitary and epidemiological rules

26.10.2020 59 просмотров

Russia is showing amazing awareness and responsibility in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

Russia is tired of sitting at home and observing quarantine. At the same time, according to a spontaneous public opinion poll on the streets of Moscow, citizens are ready to make certain sacrifices in the name of public health, but they understand less and less how to ensure the manageability of the economy and the profitability of production if normal social life stops.


Alexey, Muscovite:

It's just that people are already tired of sitting at home by and large. And there will be no second quarantine, because our economy will not survive. Most importantly, masks are our main defense...


David Kataev, Muscovite:

Honestly, it's pretty nervous. Because from my own experience, since I was ill at the very beginning of the first wave, and my whole family was ill, so I would not want to repeat this unpleasant experience. But what can we do? We are trying to take care of ourselves. But I think it needs to be closed. And it’s a little wrong on the part of the state to close in the first wave, when there were half as many cases, and not to close now, when the number of cases is growing exponentially.


Julia, Muscovite:

"I'm coping psychologically. I try not to think too seriously about these topics, well, to take necessary precautions. I'm trying to be balanced. We need to support the economy in some way and probably take more responsibility on ourselves about it."


Vitaly, Muscovite:

"You know, we've never faced such a situation before. Well, then "we acted for the most part as our instinct told us. Don't leave the house anywhere. And then we realized that the damage to the economy is more than the damage to people, that is, to their health. And in order not to repeat past mistakes, we must try other ways."


Anait, a resident of Moscow:

"I want to say that personal responsibility should also be, regardless of whether whether we sit at home or stand on the street. It also depends on me whether you get sick or whether I get sick from you. So our personal responsibility should also be no less than we expect, say, from the government."

In general, people are conscientious, but healthyly skeptical of being overzealous in following formal rules. At the same time, it seems that Muscovites perfectly understand how important it is to wear masks in public places. In the era of the coronavirus, a new ethic of behavior has emerged that distinguishes the inhabitants of Russia from some European countries, where ordinary people often hold spontaneous protest rallies, demanding, like children, from the authorities to immediately stop the spread of COVID-19.

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