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Philippines expands green list of states

15.10.2021 171 просмотров

The Philippine authorities have compiled a list of 49 countries and territories from which citizens and foreigners who are fully vaccinated against coronavirus may not be quarantined. The corresponding list was published on Friday on the website of the Office of Public Relations under the President of the Republic.

The green list includes: China, New Zealand, Poland, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Syria and North Korea. The only country that appeared on the list of countries from which entry to the Philippines is prohibited from October 16 to October 31 was Romania.

All other states, including Russia, are on the yellow list. This means that fully vaccinated travelers from the countries on this list must remain in quarantine until a negative PCR test result is received on the fifth day. After that, Filipinos must undergo a five-day isolation at home, and foreigners must undergo a six-day quarantine at the hotel.

Fully vaccinated citizens and foreigners arriving in the Philippines from green list countries with a negative PCR test with a validity period of no more than 72 hours , from October 14 are not placed in quarantine in special institutions. They now need to independently monitor their well-being for 14 days. Persons whose full vaccination cannot be confirmed, as well as vaccinated travelers with non-compliant coronavirus test results, must be isolated in special facilities until a negative PCR test is obtained on the fifth day of quarantine. Foreign nationals falling under the listed categories are required to book a hotel for six days, or eight days if they come from countries on the yellow list. first case of coronavirus infection. The total number of infected people in the republic exceeded 2.69 million, 2.57 million people recovered, more than 40.2 thousand patients died. To date, more than 23 million people have been fully vaccinated in the Philippines, and a number of drugs have been approved for use in the country, including the Russian Sputnik V and Sputnik Light.

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