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North Korean authorities continue to tighten measures to combat coronavirus infection

17.05.2021 102 просмотров

Restaurant goers are being subjected to rigorous testing for the coronavirus.

In the north of the Korean Peninsula, in Pyongyang, the authorities ordered to strengthen measures to combat the coronavirus. The new rules came into effect on May 14.

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Kim Ho-chul, restaurateur, Pyongyang:

corner of the epidemiological measures, which we strictly adhere to. We constantly carry out sanitary disinfection of the premises and check our guests for infection with the coronavirus. Because we have a fairly dense flow of visitors."

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"Chongchun" is one of the capital's restaurants, which strictly follows - as it is established everywhere, and especially in the DPRK - all prescriptions approved from above. Curiously, not a single case of COVID-19 disease has been registered in this state. However, the government introduced a number of restrictive measures, closed borders and quarantined the freedom of movement of citizens.

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