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Language program to help foreigners in Japan get vaccinated

21.10.2021 154 просмотров

Hospitals in Tokyo and other centers have begun providing multilingual support services for coronavirus vaccinations.

The Japan Immigration Services Agency launched the 18-language program after reports that many foreign residents were facing a language barrier when receiving vaccination vouchers. Acceptance of applications for vaccination began in mid-October.

On Wednesday, seven people, including citizens of Vietnam, China and Paraguay, visited a hospital in central Tokyo. They spoke to the doctor through an online translator before getting the shot.

A Vietnamese national currently residing in Chiba Prefecture said he was not aware of the need for vaccinations for short stay visa holders. He noted that he learned about this program from a friend.

The agency said that applications for vaccination in Tokyo can be submitted until at least the end of November. In order to sign up for the vaccination at the appointed time, you must have a voucher issued by the municipality.

Vaccinations are available at hospitals in Tokyo, Osaka and Nagoya.

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