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Japan to loosen anti-covid restrictions

09.09.2021 75 просмотров

Japan is developing plans to ease coronavirus restrictions in the country, including areas that are still under a state of emergency. The government is striving to find a balance between extending anti-infection measures and maintaining economic and social activity.

The goal of the authorities is to relax restrictions after all people who wish to receive vaccinations have been fully vaccinated. 

In doing so, it is planned to use a system that will identify those who have already completed two stages of vaccination, and those who who tested negative for the coronavirus. This will be done using QR codes. According to officials, this approach will ease or remove restrictions on crowded events, depending on the covid situation in the area. 

Under these plans, restaurants and bars that have certificates of appropriate antiviral measures will be it is allowed to serve alcoholic beverages even where the state of emergency is in effect. Restrictions on hours of operation and the number of visitors in such establishments will also be relaxed.

In addition, schools will allow students to attend clubs. Also, fully vaccinated residents will no longer be asked to refrain from traveling to other prefectures.

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