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Japan to expand use of antibody cocktail

06.11.2021 126 просмотров

On Friday, the Japanese Ministry of Health approved the use of an antibody cocktail to prevent symptoms of coronavirus infection in family members of patients.

Earlier in July, the Ministry authorized the intravenous use of an antibody cocktail for the treatment of those who have mild to moderate symptoms but are at risk of severe disease. 

The drug's distributor in Japan, Chugai Pharmaceutical, applied for wider use of the drug for those who have been in contact with the infected and for patients who do not have symptoms of infection. 

On Thursday, the Panel of Experts agreed with the decision of the authorities to expand the use of the drug to new categories of people. At the same time, the members of the Commission emphasized that an antibody cocktail can only be used by those who are at risk of getting sick with a severe form of coronavirus. 

In addition, the experts noted that the main remedy against any infectious disease is vaccination, and advised the use of the drug in those patients for whom vaccination does not provide complete protection.

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