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Israel to offer 4th COVID vaccine to seniors and healthcare workers

23.12.2021 118 просмотров

The Israeli authorities plan to provide the elderly and healthcare workers with the opportunity to receive a fourth dose of the coronavirus vaccine in the context of the distribution of the omicron variant.

This country has one of the most successful vaccination programs in the world. In August, the third dose of the coronavirus vaccine began in Israel. About 44% of the population, or about 4.17 million people, have already received it.

The number of infections has since decreased, but since the end of November, due to the spread of the omicron variant, it has been growing again. The daily increase in infections on Sunday topped 1,000 for the first time in about two months.

The Israeli government's council of experts on Tuesday issued a recommendation that people aged 60 and over, as well as healthcare workers, be given the fourth dose.

The country's Prime Minister Naftali Bennet supported this proposal. He noted that this will help overcome the omicron wave that covers the world. The Prime Minister urged people eligible to be vaccinated to get vaccinated.

According to Israeli media, 341 cases of omicron variant infection have been confirmed in the country so far.

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