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Israel noisily celebrates the end of the epidemic

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Tel Aviv walks -  without masks and restrictions!

In Israel, on June 1, the end of the epidemic and quarantine measures was massively celebrated, as the country for the first time since the beginning of the pandemic felt safe due to the decline in the number of new cases of the dangerous virus.

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Aviv Geffen, rock musician:

"I'm so happy to be together this morning I'm here with everyone and I'm celebrating Israel's freedom from coronavirus I think Israel got through the epidemic the right way and I'm just incredibly proud that I'm playing in front of all these doctors and medical staff right now - all those who beat COVID-19 So I wanted to thank you and sing a few songs for you. A new dawn is rising over the world and Israel. We, as always, are together with the whole world. So thank you all and wish you all a good morning!"

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Professor Roni Gamza, head of the Sourasky Medical Center in Tel Aviv:

"We are coming out of the coronavirus epidemic. We in Israel no longer consider COVID-19 an epidemic, but rather sporadic disease. Although, of course, people can still catch it. We are returning to a normal full life. And now we must inspire people to believe in our strength. We must take proper care of all patients here in the hospital and throughout the country. For more than a year in a row, our The doctors and medical staff have been working with full dedication. Now it's time to get some rest. We've been vaccinated and feel safe."

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As of June 1, all quarantine measures have been lifted in Israel, although authorities are still maintaining a mask regime in some closed areas.

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