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Israel extends a helping hand to India

10.05.2021 32 просмотров

Tel Aviv donates medical equipment to New Delhi.

On May 10, India received the third batch of medical equipment from Israel as humanitarian aid. The delivery included ventilators and other devices. As early as May 4, the Israeli Foreign Ministry posted on its website information about providing support to New Delhi in connection with the worsening of the coronavirus epidemic in this country. Tel Aviv donates medicines, respirators, ventilators, oxygen tanks and more.

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A year ago, at the very beginning of the pandemic, India also helped Israel by supplying the Middle Eastern state with medical masks and gloves and raw materials for medicines , as well as interacting for the fastest return of Israeli citizens to their homeland. At present, New Delhi has already turned to Tel Aviv with a request for help.

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It also became known that a group of Israeli medical specialists from the Sheba and Ichilov centers arrived in India. Their goal is to share with Indian colleagues their experience in rescuing critically ill patients infected with COVID-19. 

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