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Indonesia elects local government despite COVID-19

09.12.2020 45 просмотров

A polling station in West Java opened right on the hospital grounds.

In Indonesia, in the midst of the ongoing coronavirus epidemic, regional elections were held.


Devi Febrianti , 45, head of the polling station:

"Voting is taking place during the epidemic, and we need to choose places where it is easier for people to go. 


That's why we decided to open the site right next to the hospital. Our employees also dressed in white coats."


Rusdiana Dzharkashih, 50, resident of Depok, West Java:

"Of course, we are all nervous about this epidemic here. But I am a law-abiding citizen of my country and must do his duty. And I came to this particular site, because, in my opinion, they fully comply with all security measures. "


Ani Sumarni, 38, from Depok, West Java:

"I decided to go to the polls today because I want to vote about future governance of the city where I live. I am very enthusiastic about this - especially since all my surroundings also intend to vote. "


According to WHO statistics, Indonesia is the most severely affected country in the South Asian region by the coronavirus. At the beginning of December, more than 580 thousand infected people were officially registered here, of which 18 thousand people died.


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