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Indonesia began to massively supply Sinovac to its medical facilities

04.01.2021 51 просмотров

Indonesian state-owned vaccine company Bio Farma began distributing a vaccine developed by Chinese pharmaceutical company Sinovac to 34 provinces on January 3.

At a press conference on January 3rd, a representative of Bio Farma Bambang Heriyanto said that about 10,000 medical facilities and more than 40 port sanitary offices are ready to help distribute the Chinese vaccine in the country.

Bambang Heriyanto clarified that all the preparatory work for the transportation of this vaccine has been completed, adding that the temperature during its transportation in the cold chain mode is maintained at a level of two to eight degrees Celsius.

In the same press conference, Nadia Tarmizi, Vaccine Affairs Representative of the Ministry of Health of Indonesia City Tarmimi stated that the clinical trials of the Sinovac vaccine conducted in Turkey and Brazil showed satisfactory results, which are in line with the current results of the third phase of clinical trials of the vaccine in Indonesia .

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