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India to resume supply of anti-virus vaccine

21.09.2021 32 просмотров

India has announced its intention to resume the export of coronavirus vaccines this year. In April, the country was forced to temporarily stop supplies due to a sharp increase in the number of cases.

Such plans were announced on Monday by the Minister of Health of the country Mansouk Mandaviya, noting that the sale of the vaccine to other countries will begin again between October and December.

According to the minister, in October, the volume of the monthly Vaccine production in India has already reached 300 million doses.

The suspension of exports from India dealt a serious blow to the global distribution of vaccines, as it was planned that in the first half of the year this country will provide 70% of all vaccine supplies under the COVAX program implemented by the UN. Participants provide the vaccine to those who need it most in the world.

The Government of India has not yet provided specific data on the timing of the resumption and the volume of supplies. However, according to the government, India intends to fully comply with its obligations under the COVAX program.

Until April, India, one of the world's largest vaccine suppliers, exported or provided AstraZeneca's domestically produced vaccine as humanitarian aid.

In early May, the daily number of new cases in India began to exceed 400,000, but recently this figure has decreased to about 30,000.

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