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India's Delta Coronavirus Can Infect Humans Even After Vaccination

14.06.2021 26 просмотров

People continue to be infected with the Indian strain of coronavirus, referred to as the Delta variant, even after being vaccinated. This is evidenced by the results of a study by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), distributed on June 10 by the Indian media.

The Delta variant was first discovered in India in October 2020.

The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) analyzed 63 people who contracted the coronavirus after being vaccinated. Separately, virus samples taken from 36 patients were analyzed. The data showed that 23 of them were infected with the Delta variant, which is 63%.

At the same time, of these 36 cases of infection, 19 received only one dose of the drug, and the remaining 17 received both doses of the vaccine . The researchers believe this indicates that the mutant strain is still highly contagious even to vaccinated people.

In this study, out of 63 patients, including 41 males and 22 females, 10 were vaccinated with AstraZeneca vaccine , produced in India, and the other 53 - the drug Covaxin manufactured by an Indian company. The average age of the patients is 37 years.

However, the researchers stated that there were no deaths among patients from this disease, which indicates the effectiveness of the vaccine in reducing patient mortality. Most patients had a high fever for five to seven days, but the symptoms did not show any further deterioration. According to the report, 24 of all patients were medical staff, with 13 of them being employees of the same hospital.

The Delta variant was identified not only in India. So far, it has also been detected in 11 of the 77 states of the country, and 318 cases of infection with this variant have been reported in the capital, Bangkok, which is 91% of the total number of people infected with the Indian strain of coronavirus throughout the country, according to the Medical Department of the Thai Ministry of Health. .

Between April and June of this year, this department conducted research and tests for the virus strain of 4185 cases of COVID-19 infection in the country. According to the study results, 3708 patients were infected with the Alpha variant, which was first discovered in the UK. It is followed by the Indian variant "Delta", which was identified in 348 cases.

The Director of the Medical Department of Medicine indicated that the Indian strain of coronavirus "Delta" is very likely to replace the "Alpha" variant, since it extends to at least 40% faster.

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