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India makes vaccination available to all

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On May 5, in a number of cities in India, kilometer-long queues lined up in front of vaccination points. & nbsp;

On this day, the death rate from coronavirus was especially high - it amounted to more than 3,700 people per day.

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"It's great that all adults got the right to be vaccinated. It's important for every person! social distancing when you are in the vaccination centers, and also, as before, follow all other precautions. People should not lose their vigilance after the injection," Manisha, a resident of Bhubaneswar, warned people standing in line for vaccination .

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"The authorities have misinformed people by telling them that vaccination will be available to all citizens with a local residence permit. Ah receive only those, whom in advance appointed. A lot of people didn't have enough vaccine," Ekta Jane, a vaccinated resident of Bhopal, is outraged.

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pre-register on the government website and get confirmation of your medical visit.The vaccination campaign began in January and, first of all, doctors and social workers received the shot.More than 160 million Indians had already been vaccinated at the beginning of May.

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Meanwhile, the population of the country is 1 billion 300 million.

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