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India introduces new entry rules for foreigners

13.11.2021 71 просмотров

The new rules went into effect on Friday in India for foreigners arriving in the country. This was reported by the Indian Ministry of Health.

According to the order of the agency, before arriving in India, travelers must enter their data in a form on a special portal. They must also upload a negative PCR test for coronavirus to the official website of New Delhi Airport, taken no earlier than 72 hours before arrival in India. The Ministry of Health warned that the provision of false information "is subject to criminal prosecution."

In addition, passengers will have their temperature taken before boarding the plane in the country of departure. If, upon arrival in India, the traveler shows symptoms of the disease, he will be sent to isolation in a medical facility. If, after testing for coronavirus, he also confirms the presence of the virus, then all persons in contact with him will be identified for quarantine. The new rules for entering India specifically state that children under the age of five will not be required to test for COVID-19. 

The Indian Ministry of Home Affairs began issuing tourist visas to foreigners arriving in the country on charter flights from October 15. Since March 2020, India has been closed to tourists due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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