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In St. Petersburg, the authorities vaccinate people right at the stadium

13.03.2021 84 просмотров

Fans use the stadium instead of the clinic.

In St. Petersburg on March 13, at the Gazprom Arena stadium on the third floor of stand C, at the exit to sectors C 110-11, a new coronavirus vaccination point was opened. It is here that the European Football Championship will be held this summer. 

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"Well, I read that there is not enough vaccine. And then I came to today's show and watch - "Vaccination Point". And my friend says to me: "Let's go!" Well, why not go? You can combine business with pleasure," says one of the fans.

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"I came here to the match and found out that I can get vaccinated not in the district clinic, with which I did not have a relationship, but right here," said another sports enthusiast.

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To get vaccinated, you must undergo a medical examination and have a passport and SNILS with you. More than 300,000 people have already been vaccinated in the city. 

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In total, a little less than 350,000 syringe tubes with a drug against COVID-19 were delivered to the Northern capital by March 13. A little more than 40 thousand remained unspent by mid-March. Meanwhile, according to municipal data, in Moscow, about 40% of residents have already developed stable immunity to the new virus. 

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