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In Kazakhstan, the start date of revaccination has been announced

11.11.2021 116 просмотров

Revaccination of the population against coronavirus starts in Kazakhstan on November 22. This was announced on Wednesday by the Minister of Health of the country Alexei Tsoi.

"First of all, people from the risk group will be vaccinated. Before the end of this year, medical workers, teachers, staff and contingent of medical and social institutions, closed children's institutions, employees of law enforcement agencies are subject to revaccination," Tsoi said on Wednesday at a meeting of the government of Kazakhstan.

He added that mass revaccination of the rest of the population will begin from January 2022.

As of Wednesday, in Kazakhstan, 44.8% of the population was vaccinated with the first component, 40, 9% received two-component vaccination. 

According to Xinhua News Agency, over the past two months, the incidence of coronavirus in the country has decreased by 3.4 times. At the same time, 38.4 thousand people continue to receive treatment for coronavirus. 505 patients are in serious condition, 147 are in a state of extreme severity. 

According to the Ministry of Health of Kazakhstan, as of November 10, since the beginning of the pandemic, the authorities have registered 961.7 thousand patients with a positive result for COVID-19 . 

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